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We are delighted to announce the opening of our new restaurant, HIGH DIVE,  

located at the Top of Margate High Street. 


A luxurious spot designed and built by Vacuum Studio featuring a highly pigmented colour palette

inspired by our global travels. Lighting is low, volume can get high and the intimate booth seating is a perfect facilitator for conversation. 

 Our menu is comprised of snacks, appetisers, larger plates and deserts made entirely in-house* and their flavour profiles are amplified with chillis, herbs and citrus being heavily inspired by Los Angeles' multiculturalism.

The majority of our menu is gluten free and vegan options are always available.

Perfect for singles (especially at the bar, which we always save for walk ups), couples or groups of friends. 


Our restaurant  is compact and cosy with no extra space to accommodate prams and large dogs - if you do need to bring your dog to dinner please ensure they are comfortable in a busy restaurant atmosphere and are happy sitting on your lap or fit comfortably under your table. We welcome children in the restaurant however we do not have highchairs or a children’s menu. We have tailored the room to provide a fund, grown-up and safe space for all our guests and team. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation