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We take pride in the quality of the food we serve.

Our tortillas are bought in, while everything else is made in-house.

Our meat is outdoor reared and high welfare, while our fish is supplied from Fruits de Mer in Broadstairs.  

Tortilla Chips and Pico de Gallo   6

Fried tortillas served with chopped plum tomatoes, white onion, coriander, 

jalapeño and lime juice 



Crab Tostada   10.5

Brown crab mousse, white crab salad, fennel, tomato, Thai basil and crispy shallots




Fish Taco    9.5

White fish of the day coated in a smokey red adobo sauce, sat on crème fraîche, 

topped with citrus pickled onion, radish and guacasalsa


Steak Taco   10.5

Grass-fed steak from Swaledale Butchers, seasoned with an Ancho Chilli spice blend, roasted salsa ranchera and spring onion salad


Courgette Taco   8

Crispy mung bean fritter, marinated courgette salad,

silken tofu ranch and pumpkin seeds


Jar of DIVE Chilli Oil Crunch   10



Hibiscus Agua Fresca  3.5

House made soft drink - Hibiscus, ginger and lime cooler


Coca Cola   3

330ml Glass bottle





Cadillac Margarita  10

Espolòn Reposado Tequila, Grand Marnier & fresh lime served over ice with our house rim


Mez-colada 11

Espolòn Reposado Tequila, Mezcal Verde Momento, Coco Lopez,

Pineapple juice & fresh lime served over ice with a cherry on top

Alhambra Reserva 1925   5

Spanish Lager - 6.4% - 330ml Bottle


          Corona Extra   4.5          

4.5% - 330ml Bottle


Corona Zero    4.5

0.0% - 330ml Bottle


Michelada  7

A glass rimmed with our house spice blend, filled with ice and our citrusy hot sauce 

Top up with Corona Extra 4.5% or Corona Zero 0.0%


Cazcabel Tequila Coffee Liqueur  - 34%  - 25ml   5

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