FENIX - Black Storax Incense Blend (Thin sticks)

FENIX - Black Storax Incense Blend (Thin sticks)

9 incense sticks per box


It’s a natural resin with a striking aroma, slightly sweet and with balsamic notes that quickly refer to a feeling of comfort and well-being. Known since time immemorial, or Storak at first was used as an aromatic vehicle of connection and worship to the Gods, connected with the energy of abundance and prosperity.

Its aroma is an enhancer of our affectivity. It is recommended to use or stock incense for our divine memory and intelligence in small rituals, in our prayers and also for meditation.

This resin is harvested from a shrubs of the Styrax genus found mainly in North West Asia.


Burn on safe heat resistant surface.
40 min per stick.